According to vikipèdia, the bread with wine and sugar is one of the most characteristic preparations and ancient of the catalan cooking, and that forms part of the Corpus of the Heritage Culinari Catalan, recipe number 748 . Some consider that the signature dish of the Catalan cooking is the bread with tomato, but it is not the most ancient, since the tomato arrived of America in 1492. Consist in a slice of bread soaked of black wine and some sugar above. They say that Santi Santamaria of El Racò de Can Fabes ate this dessert a day if and a day no…. Carme Ruscalleda in the gastronomic advice of Maset of the Lion reivindica the dish like a way gourmand to update one a lot good afternoon snack and of reivindicar the wine as a aliment and use it in a recipe. In definite, to recover the culture of this dish.

To Palou Boutique Hotel have wanted recover it and are many the customers that already have enjoyed. It suggests records of our grandparents that were present to many afternoon snacks and in our wonderful infancy.