We know that there is not nothing like enjoying the fruits, vegetables and even fish when is his period of production and notice like this his flavour, and freshness.

In Palou Boutique Hotel chooses these products because:
They are healthier. Cultivated of natural shape, preserve his properties nutricionals. They arrive easily of the agriculturalist to the market, with his just point of maduration avoiding hours and days of voyages in trucks and refrigerators
They are more flavorful. Being local produce they pass before of the orchard to the final customer, and they are marketed fresh in their optimal state of consumption.
They do not contain any additive. The ecological products grow without chemists therefore are much healthier. They used fertilizers natural to cultivate them.
They help to respect the medium ambient. The products of the territory fomenten the local agriculture, of vicinity, and the conservation of ecosystems. Besides, to the not using additive neither pesticides and to the not requiring big voyages and special cares avoid the broadcasts of gases pollutants, how the CO2.
For all these reasons this is our bet.
When you visit Palou Boutique Hotel will eat healthy products,flavorful , without additive and respectful with the medium ambient.
We expect you!!!!