Since Palou Boutique Hotel this year we want celebrate the Mother’s Day.

Since I have use of reason remember that I have celebrated the Mother’s Day the first Sunday of May. Nevertheless, now I have discovered that it has not been always the same day, neither it is the same in all the countries, neither always it has had the same sense.

In Egypt surrender homage to the goddess Isis like the «Big goddess mother», or, between others, «Goddess of the motherhood and of the birth». In Rome and Lesser Asia to the Goddess Cibeles and in Greece to the Goddess Reva.

It was in 1870 when, in Boston, that Julia Ward Howe –author of the «Hymn of the Republic»- she organised a big peaceful demonstration and a religious celebration in which invited to all the mothers of family that resulted victims of the war after losing to his children in her. This was a two of June and, although it had his success, it is not finished to turn into a habit, something that changed with Anna Reeves Jarvis that endowed to the world of a celebration that today celebrates in near 70 countries
Jarvis, housewife begins the year 1908 a campaign nationally for commemorate her mother’s death, fact that marked her life and taking as a base the demand of Howe, begins to write to influential intellectual personalities and she succeeded in establishing the anniversary of the death of his mother, the second Sunday of May.
Her initiative was not in vain and in 1910 already celebrated in almost all United States and, in 1914 the president Wilson converts the Mother’s Day in an official celebration. Jarvis struggled against the commercial character the day. But it achieved to endow to the world it celebration that nowadays celebrations in near 70 countries.
In Spain,initially celebrated the 8 of December, Inmaculada’s day Conception. After doing official in United States, opted to change the date. This has a precise cause the month of May, because it is the month of the Virgin, the month in which, how the flowers, all renews , all is born», explains Juan Moreno, teacher of Religion of the Insitituto Alkala Nahar.

Like this, as exposes Moreno, the celebration is not contrived with a commercial component, something that already to his moment have seen that avoided Anna Reeves Jarvis, since, with the Christian base, the day had the aim to be a «party of gratitude to the mother, that has given us the life, how in the celtic religions thanked to the Mother Land».