An important part of the personality of a Hotel are confered it by the foods that serve and the wines that accompany them. Surrounded of vineyards we want to offer you the history of the conservation of one of the most interesting varieties of our region.

Manuel Llopis was born in Barcelona 1885, was the first-born son of the lawyer and landowner Manuel Llopis i Bofill and Josepa de Casado i Doria. After completing his studies in law, to the University of Barcelona, he joined in the diplomatic corps. Numerary member of the Academy of Jurisprudence and Legislation of Barcelona since 1913, during the First World War he was vice-consull of Spain to Lyon.

From 1921 he was assigned to the high commissariat of the Morocco to Tetuan, where he taken a decisive part in the rescue of prisoners after the disasters of Annual and Monte-Arruit. After,he was moved to Madrid, to the Ministry of State, and later he served as secretary to the Spanish embassies of Berne and Lisbon.

November 1933 was business attaché of Sofia (Bulgaria) consulate, where he died March 11, 1935. Throughout the years that he practiced his profession was honored with several decorations how Comanador of the Order of the Saint Crist of Portugal and of Saint Sabas of Yugoslavia.

He had bequeathed his familiar mansion of Stges to the Generality of Catalonia , with the purpose that the immovable was converted to Romantic Museum (least the second floor, reserved life usufruct for his sister and heiress, Mercè Llopis). The civil war interrupted the process, but the year 1943 Frederic Field i Llopis and Trinitat de Fontcuberta i de Dalmases, administrators of the diplomat, offered the legacy to the Deputation of Barcelona. After the reforms and improvements to the building (1946-1948), In March 1949 inaugurated the Museum. Later they opened the two rooms of dioramas and the one of fashion of the 19th century (1950), the garden and the wine cellar (1952) and, finally, the Eighteenth-century library (1957). In 1972 the Museum received the collection of dolls of Lola Anglada.

Llopis was conscious that growing of malvasia disappeared he bequeathed to the Hospital of Sitges the vineyard of Aiguadolç and the wine cellar , with the commitment, that the institution continued elaborated the malvasia of Sitges.

The Foundation has started several initiatives such as the campaign SPONSOR A GRAPEVINE OF MALVASIA OF SITGES that wants to involve to all the citizens of Sitges and region that they think that the malvasia is one of the signs of identity more valuable of our population and, in general, to all the people that love the value of the traditions.